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People Strategy

High-performing organizations say that their most important asset is their people, but few know how to maximize their investment in this critical resource. That’s where HCi Advisory Group comes in. We collaborate with you to develop strategies—aligned with your organization’s mission and values—to attract, retain, and inspire talent. By incorporating the fundamentals of people strategy, you create a motivated and innovative workforce that is well-prepared for challenge and change.

Workforce and Succession Planning

To ensure the organization’s long-term success, a sustainable process of identifying and developing qualified talent is essential. Focusing on your organization’s growth goals, our advisors will identify a strategic process for recruiting, training, retaining, and promoting employees to ensure there are talented successors for key leadership roles. We focus on building integrated systems and methodologies that identify critical responsibilities, determine staffing projections, and help maximize return on your talent investment.

Compensation Planning and Comparability Studies

Employee compensation is the single largest cost component of most operating budgets. HCi Advisory Group has extensive experience in conducting comparability studies for hourly, professional, and C-level positions. To help decision-makers allocate these high-value resources judiciously, we take a multifaceted approach to compensation planning, examining all factors affecting your program, including:

  • Current compensation structure and pay philosophy
  • Reporting structures and operational procedures
  • Employee skills, competencies, and division of responsibility
  • Classification systems
  • Regional-market competitiveness of salaries
  • Internal equity of salaries paid to comparable positions
  • Fringe benefits
  • Ongoing maintenance and administration

Leadership Assessments

Determining leadership effectiveness at all levels, is critical to ensuring that the organization embarks on a successful path and stays there. HCi Advisory Group uses a powerful, fully customized online tool to evaluate an executive’s capabilities, readiness, and potential to lead others toward achieving specific goals. This tool can be used to assess the qualifications of internal and external candidates for senior level positions, as well as for performance reviews of current leaders. As a result of our clients’ satisfaction with our assessments and strategic plans, we are often engaged by boards of directors to design and coordinate the evaluation or recruitment of executive leaders.

HR and Organizational Assessments

Industry changes, opportunities for growth, financial downturns and restructuring present some of the most daunting challenges an organization can face. We help clients navigate through change and assist with transforming the workforce, processes and technology needed to achieve the goals critical to success. Our expert advisors analyze workflows, evaluate personnel in light of new goals and requirements, and examine processes and technical resources. Based on these assessments, we identify mission-critical priorities and develop an implementation plan to position the organization for success.

Policy and Procedure Development

The complexity of federal employment laws, industry regulations, local ordinances, and other potential hot-button issues make it challenging to develop employment policies that minimize an organization’s legal exposure. Our team specializes in designing policies that are comprehensive and compliant and help attract and retain talent. We evaluate processes and challenges, determine if procedures accurately reflect current practices, and assess whether the policies and procedures are consistent with management philosophy, culture, and structure.

Human Resources Support

How organizations manage, support, and enable their employees to accept and implement change can mean the difference between struggling to survive and successfully meeting and exceeding new goals and expectations. Whether responding to a shifting market, managing workforce disruption, or maximizing performance within the organization, our HR consulting professionals can help develop and maintain the high-performance programs needed to succeed. We offer day-to-day HR support or as-needed HR services for complex performance issues, recruitment, policy development and implementation and other employment matters.

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