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Housing Provider and Operator Services

We partner with our clients to assist them in achieving organizational goals and optimizing service delivery to their stakeholders. We use our people strategy, organizational strategy and knowledge of programs and operations to develop solutions for housing providers and operators.

Progress Assessment

We conduct operational and organizational assessments which include in-depth reviews of programs, HR, finance, technology and administration to develop implementation plans that are tailored to the needs of housing providers and operators and the people they serve.

Our assessments include a thorough review of staffing, workflows, processes and procedures, technology, customer service, performance standards, data collection, monitoring and reporting. We use this information to assist our clients in developing solutions that increase the effectiveness of the organization, potentially decrease costs, and improve service delivery for the communities they serve.

Process Mapping

HCi Advisory Group uses its knowledge of housing programs and operations to review workflows and identify opportunities for streamlining for excellent customer service and compliance. We work with our clients to develop step-by-step mapping/flowcharts that are tailored to their organizational structure, workforce, and customers. We offer these services along with implementation assistance, staff coaching and tracking to determine effectiveness.


We conduct a thorough review of the program to reduce work burden, decrease errors, and provide a clear path to a more effective and efficient organization. Along with our operational assessment and process mapping, we identify compliance issues and assist housing providers and operators in developing and implementing plans to address them.

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