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Private and Non-Profit Sectors

Helping organizations of all types and sizes achieve their strategic goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

HCi Advisory Group’s customized solutions help organizations realize greater efficiencies and cost savings while attracting and retaining top talent, reducing liability exposure, and moving forward on a clearly defined path to meet strategic goals. Our consulting solutions include:

Human Resource Services

Our HR assessments ensure that an organization’s policies, procedures, and practices are compliant and reflect HR best practices. Our assessments identify specific risks and highlight potential improvements. We can also assist with:

  • Employee performance management
  • Developing job descriptions
  • Drafting or updating employee handbooks
  • Creating workforce and succession plans

We can assist in implementing all recommended action strategies and if temporary HR leadership assistance is needed, our HR experts can provide guidance on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Planning

Based on years of in-depth work with numerous clients, we have identified the processes, tactics, and best practices that ensure a successful strategic planning initiative. For example, regardless of the short or long-term nature of the plan, a solid strategic plan should be concise, easy to read, clearly aligned with the organization’s goals, and capable of being implemented using the organization’s available resources. To ensure success, we engage clients in strategic planning exercises that examine the mission, vision, values, and purpose of the organization. We also consider such limiting factors as financial position, staff capacity, and any market and political forces at play. The result of this proactive approach is a customized road map focused on specific goals, key benchmarks, and an implementation plan.

Compensation Planning

Qualified, talented and engaged employees are critical to effective product and service delivery, not to mention the organization’s reputation and revenues. For most organizations, employee compensation and benefits represent their single largest expense—even more so now, as industries across the country are seeking to accommodate employee demands. To help organizations manage this complex process and attract and retain talent, we develop competitive, equitable, and transparent rewards programs that keep the organization on course with its strategic and financial goals.

Information Technology (IT) Assessments

HCi Advisory Group’s IT team specializes in comprehensive assessments of an organization’s IT platform and processes. These assessments identify the full range of issues and opportunities, such as:

  • System and application use
  • Workflows
  • Processes and procedures
  • Risks
  • Performance gaps
  • Redundancies and other inefficiencies
  • Over- or under-staffing

We provide an easy-to-understand report with recommendations and a tactical action plan to address areas of concern and improvement. HCi Advisory Group can also assist in plan implementation.

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