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Organizations face many challenges as they try to meet client expectations, market demands and regulatory requirements. Our advisors have the expertise to guide organizations in key areas such as HR, organizational and workforce structure, procurement, process engineering, and technology. We collaborate closely with our clients to create a customized and flexible approach that accounts for the organization’s limiting factors and is implementable. The goal is to create cost efficient, compliant and effective service delivery systems, while ensuring compliance and implementing best practices.


We assist our clients in assessing, drafting, modifying and implementing procurement policies and procedures. We support their need for efficiency and adherence to sound business practices. Our unique expertise in technology, compliance, and process engineering, allows us to examine a client’s current procurement process and create procedures and workflows that allow for flexibility while ensuring compliance and supporting fair competition and pricing.


Technology Assessment

Our advisors possess over 25 years of technology experience. We have completed technology assessments for numerous clients, providing solutions and recommendations on applications, hardware, cyber security, workforce structure, processes and procedures. Our goal is to help our clients improve their level of service to their internal and external customers.

We compare the information gained from our assessments with best practices and formulate recommendations that will assist the organization in preparing their IT department for future changes and workforce demands. HCi Advisory Group understands there is more to improving IT departments than simply installing new software. We focus on long-term solutions by examining business processes and human capital resources before incorporating technology to maximize the effectiveness and fully capitalize on the investment of any software or hardware implementation project.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Implementation

HCi Advisory Group’s unique combination of HR and technology expertise makes us the perfect partner for clients who need to implement or upgrade HRIS solutions. We have successfully led HRIS implementations for dozens of clients. Our advisors offer clients assistance with everything from HR system needs assessments and product evaluation, to implementation services, including project management, process development, customization and training for most HR systems. Our advisors operate independently from the HR system companies, so we provide a truly factual analysis of a client’s HR technology needs.

Business Process Improvement

Over the last few years, organizations and employees have been forced to make significant changes to the ways they do business to adapt to a global pandemic, remote work, market forces, decreased funding, and challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified staff.

Success is found in businesses that possess several common traits. Two critical characteristics that are important include the ability to be both flexible and nimble. Honing these two traits allows a business to respond to workplace demands and keep clients and employees satisfied and engaged.

Managing and reengineering business processes is complex, but with a strong framework and dedication, all organizations can benefit from business process improvement. Our typical approach to business operations reviews, includes, a data review, mapping of current processes, determining inefficiencies and gaps using client and consumer input, detailing the “muda” (Japanese word for “Waste”) in the process, and providing the client with revised and streamlined processes along with an implementation plan.

HR Outsourced Services

HCi Advisory Group offers on-site and virtual HR services that allow organizations to access our services for temporary assistance to fill in for staff, major department realignments or on an as-needed basis for specific tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, performance evaluations, training, and drafting of policies. Our deep background in human resources, compliance, and best practices, allows us to provide flexible service models to accommodate the needs of various sized organizations.

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