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We partner with clients to implement transformative change that aligns with organizations’ mission, values, and strategic goals.

Founded in 2003 as Human Capital Initiatives in Washington D.C., HCi Advisory Group provides the deep expertise and full range of services that help organizations thrive through changing and challenging times. With clients ranging from housing providers and operators to non-profit organizations and private companies, HCi Advisory Group stands out for our holistic approach to integrating operational and organizational strategy, technology systems, and talent development to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and compliance.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of skilled human resource, technology, and operational and organizational management professionals with decades of experience in private and public sectors. Our consultants are viewed as trusted partners to our clients, and each one of our engagements allows our diverse talents to be brought together to ensure success for our clients.

Jason Géno

Managing Principal & Founder

Jason Géno is HCi’s Founder & Managing Principal and has more than 30 years of HR, technology, and strategic management experience, specializing in human capital development, business process improvement, legal and regulatory compliance, and technology integration. He started Human Capital Initiatives (now HCi Advisory Group) to provide innovative, cost-effective HR and technology solutions to public and private-sector organizations. Jason Géno holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is also the Chairman of the Board for the organization So Others Might Eat (SOME), a Washington, D.C.-based social service organization that provides food, shelter, medical assistance, and life skills training to persons in need.

Beatriz Cuenca-Barberio


Beatriz Cuenca-Barberio is a Director at HCi Advisory Group, where she specializes in strategic planning, operations, policy development, organizational development, affordable housing program implementation, and asset management. She has over 25 years of experience in the public sector, non-profit management and administration and she is a member of the Florida Bar and a North Carolina real estate broker. She also provides expertise in housing and real estate development, nonprofits, local government, board relations, federal regulations & compliance, local, state, and federal funding streams, contracts and procurement.

Eric Wool

Senior Consultant

Eric Wool is a Senior Consultant at HCi Advisory Group, where he specializes in leading the group’s compensation advisory practice. He provides expertise on a variety of topics, including salary classification structures, strategic advice on aligning pay and performance, organizational and operational assessments, strategic planning projects, and recruiting. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Kristin Richards

Senior HR Consultant

Kristin Richards is a Senior Human Resources Consultant at HCi Advisory Group, where she specializes in creating performance management structures, developing policies and procedures, employee relations consultation, workplace culture and leadership development and training. She has significant client experience with organizations of all sizes and varied industries including nonprofit and public agencies. She holds a bachelor’s degree and considerable experience with human resources, HR systems, and organizational design and development.

Gabrielle High-Marvin

Associate Consultant

Gabrielle High-Marvin is an Associate Consultant at HCi Advisory Group, where she participates in examining compensation structures, developing data sets, data collection, analysis and development of HR templates and tools. She holds a master’s degree and significant experience in human resources, and compensation planning.

Liban Sheikh

Project Coordinator

Liban is a Project Coordinator at HCi Advisory Group, where he assists the team with internal and external organization and implementation of project tasks, along with supporting the consultants in the areas of data collection and review, and data analysis. He holds a degree from Swarthmore College.

Select Strategic Partners

Bobby Coulter

Founder, TEI Strategies, LLC

Bobby Coulter has over 25 years of private sector and public sector IT experience, understanding greatly how technology is key to the success of our community.

Bobby has significant experience in IT strategy, project management, change management, and data governance. Bobby’s experience in each of these disciplines is rooted in Digital Inclusion. Having played a substantial role in many Digital Inclusion initiatives at the local and national levels, Bobby gained experience in digital literacy program design, broadband adoption, and digital inclusion advocacy.

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